If you or a family member is facing recovery from an accident or illness and they need rehabilitation in or near Pensacola, Florida, we’re here for you. We have the skill, the will and the heart to guide you back to your best possible health. We pride ourselves on providing excellent, resident-centered care. We not only strive to help you get well, we work to elevate your quality of life.

What is Senior Rehabilitation?

Senior rehabilitation services help people recovering from an injury or a serious medical condition to reduce their physical pain and improve function. They include services like:
  • Physical therapy to help improve mobility, balance, flexibility, increase strength, and manage pain
  • Occupational therapy to assist with daily activities, use of adaptive equipment, or motor skills
  • Speech therapy to help with impaired communication abilities, swallowing, or cognitive skills like as attention or memory

Senior rehabilitation centers may also offer inpatient and outpatient services. Your loved one may need inpatient rehabilitation if they need around-the-clock care and continuous monitoring.

Inpatient rehab requires those recovering from a serious injury, debilitating disease, or major surgery to stay at a facility for a period of time. This type of rehab allows for intensive care that generally includes daily physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

An inpatient rehabilitation facility may offer meals provided by dietitians, exercise classes, social activities, and counseling services while offering skilled medical care and assistance with daily activities.

Outpatient rehab also offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy but in outpatient rehab seniors live at home and go to the rehab center to complete their rehabilitation.

For expert senior care and rehabilitation in Pensacola, we have the experience you can trust.